John Hudson
John Hudson
John Hudson is a working theatrical adventurer, traveling and working in New Zealand and Europe.
His work encompasses a wide variety of forms and he has been involved in all facets of performance, production and creation of theatre and film. He has worked consistently, both in a professional capacity with commercial theatre and film companies as an actor and director and with community groups as a writer and director, using his skills to access theatre to people who would not normally have that opportunity.
Comedy performance has taken him on the road to many countries. He has also been heavily involved in the teaching of comedy both in Germany and New Zealand.
John’s directing credits are quite varied, having directed popular musicals, modern-installation experiences, outdoor Shakespeare, children’s shows and large-scale community productions.
His acting credits are also many and varied with Shakespeare and Beckett featuring. He has a fine voice and a very physical approach to his work.
Having spent most of his life working in his birthplace, The South Island of New Zealand. John has developed a vigorous and pioneering approach to his work. The isolation and small population of this island create a situation where versatility and adaptability are vital for survival. This combined with an entrepreneurial approach have seen him fully employed and successful in his native land. Not only being employed by theatre and film companies, but producing and marketing his own work through his own theatre company.
Since he began working in Europe in 1995 he has developed and marketed the very successful Kiwi Comedy Show throughout central Europe, performed regularly at the Edinburgh Festival in classic theatre. Helped establish Improvisation as a viable form of entertainment for many German improvisation groups, and continued his teaching work here first with the Köln Comedy School, where he became their main teacher and director of showcases, and lately with the Comedy Academy.
John’s latest twist in life is a move into TV production. He was involved in the creation of Schillerstraße (Rose of Montreau) for Sat 1 and Frei Schnauze for RTL, which he still coaches. He recently formed his own Company, Pegasus Kicks Productions in partnership with Mark Needham.
John returns to New Zealand every southern hemisphere summer and works with various companies and on festivals in and around Christchurch.